Poster for “Katya, Vitya, Dima”

As designed by the lovely Elena Shalkina, who is an artist and filmmaker here in Moscow. The movie is up for an award in Istanbul next month – in the international category at the TRT Documentary Awards. Alexey and I are really excited to be included in this competition. We’re planning on being in IstanbulContinue reading “Poster for “Katya, Vitya, Dima””

Obligatory media post-mortems

Of Bryansk. Of one particularly high-profile tragedy in Bryansk. (I do think this particular case could have happened anywhere. But the domestic violence component is particularly troubling – as I have serious doubts that the mother in question could have gotten help even if she wanted to.) And of the case of Oksana Makar inContinue reading “Obligatory media post-mortems”

Alexei Kozlov found guilty yesterday

My article on this outrageous case in today’s edition of The Moscow News. I was able to attend the court proceedings on Tuesday – and our correspondent, Yulia Ponomareva, was there for the verdict yesterday – and I can tell you that this case is as nightmarish as it seems. It goes beyond the personalitiesContinue reading “Alexei Kozlov found guilty yesterday”

In Russia, it’s the election

Lyovka woke up early today – which was my excuse to set to work early and interview people. I’ve discovered that being a journalist/parent to an adorable, bug-eyed infant is highly convenient. People suddenly want to talk to you. I spoke to an impoverished pensioner who said she voted for billionaire Prokhorov, and to aContinue reading “In Russia, it’s the election”