More real estate drama – this time in the Moscow region

A nightmare that dates back to 2004 – and refuses to go away. What I found truly shocking when speaking to people about this story was the fact that because of some kind of pissing contest between the local authorities and the construction company, residents couldn’t get ambulances to come out to their location. BecauseContinue reading “More real estate drama – this time in the Moscow region”

Zombies, Goethe, peen. Also, Moscow.

I have reviewed Alexander Sokurov’s “Faust” for The Moscow News, as promised. For a person who mostly stumbles around groggily in between caffeine sessions, I’ve had a very productive week. Hell, I even saw Putin. Though perhaps the best sight wasn’t Putin: it was journalist and author Anna Arutunyan, being lifted by a huge, factoryContinue reading “Zombies, Goethe, peen. Also, Moscow.”

The tarot shop is open for business

I do readings these days, like in the good old days. I thought I’d announce it here. My general style is to send a detailed reading description over e-mail, after negotiating the general terms of the reading – i.e., what you’d like to talk about. I don’t believe in any of that “predicting the future”Continue reading “The tarot shop is open for business”