“Дочка” (“The Daughter”) being read at Lyubimovka

A photo by the lovely and amazing Anna Orlandina: Vladimir Snegurchenko, Alexey Zhiryakov, Natalya Nozdrina, Diana Rakhimova, and Alyona Ibragimova (seated). Snegurchenko came up from Kharkiv, and directed the two other Ukrainian plays that were part of the same project as mine – “Vasimilyatsiya” and “Simeini Lyudi”. He helped move the evening along. Zhiryakov directedContinue reading ““Дочка” (“The Daughter”) being read at Lyubimovka”

Natalia Antonova was immortalized by Zhenia Vasiliev… and the peasants rejoiced

A memorable night at the 2010 Lyubimovka festival is shown here in a cartoon. I almost wish my real boobs were as awesome as the boobs on my cartoon version. Almost – because I already have an injured back. If you’re going to get all huffy with me and point out that ZOMG! HDU! THISContinue reading “Natalia Antonova was immortalized by Zhenia Vasiliev… and the peasants rejoiced”

Lyubimvoka & Gogolfest: plays in Moscow & in Kiev

So I had a reading at the Lyubimovka festival in Moscow this past Friday. It was part of a special project called “PGT” – which refers to a denomination dreamed up in Soviet times for small towns that are bigger than villages, but aren’t quite towns in the strictest sense of the word. Both ofContinue reading “Lyubimvoka & Gogolfest: plays in Moscow & in Kiev”

So we should only feature rape as long as everyone is on the same page?

I realize that the title of this post is a rhetorical question. Do bear with me, though. I thought the Gender Across Borders series on ‘The Theater’s Rape Culture‘ was very interesting, but this part on “Spring Awakening” in particular had me scratching my head. I agree with Kyle that rape is too often usedContinue reading “So we should only feature rape as long as everyone is on the same page?”

Some of my new theater writing & whining

Since I’ve been really struggling with Short Play #3 and Short Play #4, here is me instead on other people’s work: Teatr.Doc does a play on Sergei Magnitsky – and very nearly pulls it off (and still will, I think, once this production gains some focus) I write a kind of primer on Russia’s newContinue reading “Some of my new theater writing & whining”