No, Mary Daly was not awesome, you guys

You know who she kind of reminded me of, half the time? You might not think I get it, but I do. Tearing down the icons of the past is the easiest thing in the world, especially when they’re no longer here to defend themselves. But it’s like what Monica Roberts said over at whereContinue reading “No, Mary Daly was not awesome, you guys”

My friends do cool things: link round-up

Michael Forster Rothbart, who’s really cool and whom I interviewed earlier this year, has a new site dedicated to his photography, After Chernobyl. It’s interactive. A couple of people I adore have just created an equally adorable — and convenient — app: Even as a stubborn, pedantic, even illogically hysterical anti-iPhoner, I can recognizeContinue reading “My friends do cool things: link round-up”