Lyubimvoka & Gogolfest: plays in Moscow & in Kiev

So I had a reading at the Lyubimovka festival in Moscow this past Friday. It was part of a special project called “PGT” – which refers to a denomination dreamed up in Soviet times for small towns that are bigger than villages, but aren’t quite towns in the strictest sense of the word. Both ofContinue reading “Lyubimvoka & Gogolfest: plays in Moscow & in Kiev”

Look at this fucking hipster… oh… wait…

Look at my fucking little brother: Incidentally, that thing in the background? That is a bear-in-Santa-hat clock. It belonged to me when I was 9. And never ceased to amuse the person featured in this picture: Of course, I should in turn make fun of Solomia for wearing a bunch of leaves and stuff onContinue reading “Look at this fucking hipster… oh… wait…”