Blatta orientalis: There will be blood

… So go to sleep bitch, die motherf*cker, die. Time’s up, bitch, close your eyes. – Eminem An old X-Files episode, “War of the Coprophages,” centers on a town brought down to its collective knees by an infestation of cockroaches. I am somewhat depressed to find my present living quarters to be a version ofContinue reading “Blatta orientalis: There will be blood”

Shameless self-promotion: My take on the recent Wisconsin debacle

God, Diabetes, and Death in Wisconsin. In other news, is it time for me to trot out this whole “dude, my grandma, she of the frilly dresses and purple lipstick, is a better feminist than half the blogosphere combined?” Apparently. Either way, I have to thank Twisty Faster for allowing me to present my viewpointContinue reading “Shameless self-promotion: My take on the recent Wisconsin debacle”

Renfro, Ledger, It’s Been Nice

I was in the middle of writing Heath Ledger’s obit when I realized that Brad Renfro died last week. Somehow, I had missed the news of Renfro’s death. Two of my teenage crushes gone in one fell swoop. Bizarrely, I had their pictures tacked up side-by-side on my closet door at one point. My bedroomContinue reading “Renfro, Ledger, It’s Been Nice”