Alcohol, Harassment, and Crisis in Kiev

Last week, in Kiev, my cousin was in the residential neighbourhood of Obolon’ with a friend when it happened again – some drunk guy decided to go in for the kill, screaming obscenities and trying to cop a feel. His friend attempted to restrain him, telling him to “leave the girls alone.” “Girls?” He screamedContinue reading “Alcohol, Harassment, and Crisis in Kiev”

Upskirting and Downblousing: Stay Classy, Guys

I read this feature on upskirting and the legal issues surrounding it on Salon, and felt a chill crawling up my spine the entire time I was reading it. Walking around in Amman, I stick out like a sore thumb. People notice me, and sometimes they follow me, and sometimes I think I’ve noticed severalContinue reading “Upskirting and Downblousing: Stay Classy, Guys”