Upskirting and Downblousing: Stay Classy, Guys

I read this feature on upskirting and the legal issues surrounding it on Salon, and felt a chill crawling up my spine the entire time I was reading it. Walking around in Amman, I stick out like a sore thumb. People notice me, and sometimes they follow me, and sometimes I think I’ve noticed severalContinue reading “Upskirting and Downblousing: Stay Classy, Guys”

Just a quick note: DVD regions are evil

Everywhere you go, there’s all this self-righteous hand-wringing about OMG PIRACY and what a dreadful, dreadful scourge it is (honestly, I see more anti-piracy adverts than “let’s all band together to fight cancer” adverts). Hey, here’s a suggestion – how about getting rid of this DVD region BS and stop driving consumers into a corner?Continue reading “Just a quick note: DVD regions are evil”