Kyiv: the City of High Heels and Brotherly Love

These shoes aren’t made for walking, unless you count quick hops from my parents’ car into a shop and back again: I do love the way I look in them, though. I also love that lamp. It’s nice to have it on when I’m reading Tolkien in bed, and listening to the wing making theContinue reading “Kyiv: the City of High Heels and Brotherly Love”

Kyiv At Dusk

Pictures here. Thank you, LJ user ked-pled. This is Kiev the way I see it: brittle around the edges, burdened by its history, a little sleepy, shadowy around the eyes, and shaped like love is shaped – with blunt lines and soft rays of light. On evenings like this, you can smell your neighbours’ badContinue reading “Kyiv At Dusk”

My City the year before I was born

… With a whole lot less billboards and cars. Still the same City though. The home of Bulgakov like he would never see it – except that something about his descriptions of it is still tattooed on every stone, old and new. “Як тебе не любити, Києве мій?” The seeming benevolence of the City asContinue reading “My City the year before I was born”