While faffing about autumnal Kiev, I met a new love

But before I tell you about that, here are some tourist pictures (since it’s been dawning on me that most of the people who read this blog don’t really live in Kiev, and haven’t even been there): I took the funicular up from Podol, and took a look at the bell tower of the SofievskiyContinue reading “While faffing about autumnal Kiev, I met a new love”

On the metro. 9 p.m.

My big shoulder-bag, one of the stars of this essay, doesn’t lend itself to traveling with an iPod if I don’t have a coat with pockets on. On the metro, coming back from spray-painted, moonlit Obolon’, I ended up having to stuff it in the waistband of my jeans as I stood by the door,Continue reading “On the metro. 9 p.m.”

Monday Music: the Chestnuts of Kiev Edition

It’s good to be da king. And it’s good to be back in the city of blooming chestnuts, for a bit. Everyone’s talking politics and, despite the crisis, the bars in the center appear packed. One of my grandmothers has fallen in love with Susan Boyle, the other one is drawing upon her extensive experienceContinue reading “Monday Music: the Chestnuts of Kiev Edition”

Pictures of Kiev and Odessa: Happy Times!

Please don’t steal any of these pictures, the content of this blog is protected. But if you want to use one, you can ask. I had a happy three and a half weeks, folks. I’d like to share a few outtakes. I’ll post more, at some point. Odessa is a real jewel. And I willContinue reading “Pictures of Kiev and Odessa: Happy Times!”