Христос Воскрес!

Я в гроб сойду и в третий день восстану, И, как сплавляют по реке плоты, Ко мне на суд, как баржи каравана, Столетья поплывут из темноты – Борис Пастернак I will go down to the grave and on the third day rise, And, like rafts floated downriver, To my judgment, like barges in a caravan,Continue reading “Христос Воскрес!”

A little bit of poetry, because the world is hard

Not from me, but from a much more gifted individual – Mr. Sim Stafford. This poem “Untouched It,” is probably one of the most beautiful things I’ve had the honour to publish so far. Here’s a music video to one of my favourite songs, a song I used to listen to on repeat in theContinue reading “A little bit of poetry, because the world is hard”