Dear “Feminist,” please lay off the battery acid

Three separate people have e-mailed to tell me that a certain women’s rights warrior (whose activism seems to revolve around setting up a blog to trash me and Ren and other undesirables), is clamouring for my attention again. “No Frodo! Don’t give in! Not now!” Yes, I’ve been doing a rather good job of ignoringContinue reading “Dear “Feminist,” please lay off the battery acid”

The Germaine Greer Clown Car Pulls Into Town Once More

Contrary to all manner of vile rumour, I am perfectly capable of saying nice things about culture warrior and battle-hardened crusader against all things pink, otherwise known as Germaine Greer. I think she is an incredibly clever woman who expresses even the most insane opinions with tremendous flourish. I also think she’s damn fine; sayContinue reading “The Germaine Greer Clown Car Pulls Into Town Once More”

Angie Zapata and white-hot hatred

Following, and leading up to, the murder of Angie Zapata, the feminist blogosphere has been experiencing a new round of discussions on OMIGOD trans!!! If you want more context, please read this righteous post by Lisa Harney. To me, some of the eruptions on the topic are reminiscent of “Reefer Madness” or promos for “TheContinue reading “Angie Zapata and white-hot hatred”