“Manufactured Outrage”

This short piece has just been published by the good folks of Global Comment. It’s about some weird events in the media a few weeks ago – events that should be pondered further.

3 thoughts on ““Manufactured Outrage”

  1. Your reference to the Iron Curtain it to the point. Tt seems that, having settled on the enemy to replace “Communism”, the West seeks out and seizes every opportunity to demonize this new enemy. It will also create opportunities wherever it can. The lack of an official hierarchy in Islam makes it easier for the West to designate ’spokesmen’ as it deems fit, and ignore any others that do not suit its purposes. As for the arts of propaganda, the West does not need to learn from the East – it has its own long tradition. The Red Scare of the 1920’s has become the Green Scare of today.

  2. I also enjoyed your piece on body image on ‘global comments’; it was (ironically) juxtaposed with a whole raft of google ads for various diets. The whole internet ad business reminds me of blind worms on the road in a rainstorm.

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