Sometimes the dragon loses

I’ve write dark fairy stories. I’m working on a book that frightens me, its author and creator, sometimes. I think it’s cool to wear a scarf decorated with skulls, and not just because I’m trying to be neo-punk. I think Beslan is representative of the human condition.

I see around me gleeful contempt (hmmm, obsession with Heath Ledger’s turn in “Brokeback Mountain” and teh gay + weird possessiveness over Danny Bonaduce’s bare chest; is John Gibson in the closet and angry at those who aren’t? Look, I’m not in favour of outing people, but when people start in with the same BS, over and over again, like wind-up toys, you kind of have to wonder)


white-knuckle hate (apparently, anyone who calls Fred Phelps and his slimy frogspawn “bigots” is also calling “God a bigot.” These people basically think they’re God, which is my excuse for using the word “frogspawn.”)


I see this world as largely irredeemable.

But sometimes the dirty curtain lifts a little bit. And it’s these moments that you have to keep, stuff them in the inside pockets of your coat, next to your heart with its numbered beats.

Every once in a while you bring them up to the light, or, as the case may be, the dark, and they remind you that no, not everything and everyone is a complete waste of carbon and oxygen and space-time.

Behold, the glory of Paul Potts.

16 thoughts on “Sometimes the dragon loses

  1. That’s some good writing, Natalia (“But sometimes the dirty curtain lifts a little bit. And it’s these moments that you have to keep, stuff them in the inside pockets of your coat, next to your heart with its numbered beats…”)

    Paul Potts is a dream-come-true story. But, he is real. Sony is doing everything they can to turn him into a male Madonna. Perhaps the crucible of “glory” will break him. Perhaps not….then what?

  2. “I see this world as largely irredeemable.”

    Uh, Natalia? St. Thomas Aquinas hacked your account while you were gone 😉

    I think most of this world is redeemable, just mostly not us. We’re a very small part of it.

  3. I think I rather agree with Aquinas on this matter.

    I also don’t think it matters as to what the record label does with Potts and what direction he is steered in. That moment that he had – you can’t take it away. No? 🙂

    Also, aren’t the teeth totally part of the charm? 😉

  4. Looking back, I’m pretty impressed with my restraint while drunk-commenting 🙂 And yes, the teeth are part of the charm.

  5. It’s a real fairy tale! Did you listen to the comments of the jury afterwards? There was something about a frog turning into a prince…

    I’ve seen that video before and it never fails to touch me – there’s something so wonderful about a moment that comes alive unexpectedly like that. Just watching the jury faces going from bored to amazed is great! Besides, “Nessun dorma” is my favourite tenor aria.

  6. i think you’re a fucking genius – i stumbled across an old post about Parallel Universes.
    How’s that going for you anyway?
    psychic jetlag is the worst, i think.
    i didn’t listen to your video or anything, because let’s face it, everyone’s busy.
    but, you’re a genius.

  7. I finally dragged my butt over here from …salted I’ve been meaning to forever. We both share prime real estate on his sidebar. He’s so lovely.

    So, I have perused a bit. I will definitely be back. I will also await my first comment to you to be moderated (yes, I read that!)

    I look forward to reading some of your writing. You have me intrigued.

    Take care,

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