Yet another reason why I won’t be voting McCain/Palin

So McCain goes on Jim Quinn’s show, to court conservative votes. Who is Jim Quinn? Why, he is the guy who told a journalist to “get an American name.”

Classy, huh?

Now why would immigrants and the children of immigrants vote for this guy after that?

4 thoughts on “Yet another reason why I won’t be voting McCain/Palin

  1. Nitpicking correction: McCain’s radio host was JIM Quinn.

    McCain is reduced to pandering to racists at this point, but it won’t get him in the White House.

    McCain has become a sad figure now. Sarah Palin has already made his campaign into a joke — Yahoo! AP reports that he once again cited Palin’s command of the Alaska National Guard as evidence of her foreign policy experience. Just who does he think is going to buy that? By that logic, any state governor who ex officio ‘commands’ National Guard units that are/have been deployed overseas has “foreign policy experience.”

    I’ve also read online that McCain’s staff is keeping Sarah Palin secluded from the press in order to prep her for meeting journalists, out of GOP fears that “She might make a mistake” (I’m quoting from an online source that I can’t remember offhand — it might be the NPR website or Yahoo! AP). Why would McCain pick a VP who has to be trained like an animal before she can meet the press?

    The McCain/Palin ticket is finished before it even left the ground.

  2. RE: My initial comment with the phrase “like an animal.”

    I want to make clear that with the above phrase I was not meaning to imply that Sarah Palin herself is like an animal, but that McCain’s staff are training Palin as though she were an animal.

    My observation is taken from Peggy Noonan’s column in the Wall Street Journal dated September 3, 2008, entitled “Open Mic Night at MSNBC,” final paragraph, where Noonan warns that McCain’s staff will use Palin as a ‘thing’ rather work with her as an independent politician — and that seems to be taking place now. Palin’s entire speech at the GOP convention was actually written by McCain’s staff, not by herself or her own staff.

    Noonan’s 9/3/2008 column can be found at, under the tab/header “Archives,” with the above title and date.

    Sorry to wander slightly off-topic, but Palin’s nomination is relevant to McCain’s strategy of pandering to white racism, since Palin is being used as a stage prop to present an attractive face for covert white racism. So that’s another reason why immigrants should not vote for McCain/Palin.

  3. I’m voting Democrat because I like the government making all of my decisions for me. I’m not smart enough to make them myself.

    I’m voting Democrat because I want the same people who spend $900 on a hammer involved in my medical decisions.

    I’m voting Democrat because supporting a work-capable person on welfare for over 50 years is so noble. Anyone who doesn’t take pity on these poor souls don’t have a heart.

    I’m voting Democrat because I believe that the best strategy in war is defeat. It broadens the mind to learn Japanese, German and Arabic. Talk about multiculturalism!

    I’m voting Democrat because I like the ideas they have over in France, but I don’t feel like moving there. I’ll threaten to move, but I really won’t. After all, I have a good job, healthcare, lower taxes, free speech and a social framework that promotes family structure. And all of it is defended by the most effective fighting force on the planet.

    I’m voting Democrat because I don’t hate myself enough for being white, male, educated, straight or middle class.

    I’m voting Democrat because I’ve been whining like a ritalin-marinated toddler on a temper tantrum about my candidate not having won a Presidential election for the last eight years, and I want to be right for once.

    I’m voting Democrat because I believe that if I don’t have enough money, the solution is for the government to take more of my money. Who needs money when gas is $5 per gallon?

    I’m voting Democrat because I believe that the ideal family is two homosexual bonobos, a goat and a parrot raising a human baby. Love and compassion is all it takes to make a successful family!

    I’m voting Democrat because I’m not an individual. I’m a race, a gender, a religion (or lack thereof), and a sexual orientation.

    I’m voting Democrat because I’d rather have gas prices be easily influenced by world markets rather than drill in the Anwar preserve set aside for the purpose of drilling. I think terrorists know how to use our money best.

    I’m voting Democrat because it’s my body, and if I want to kill my baby, I’ll do it, even if its head is in the birth canal. If I want to cut out my intestines and feed them to the crocodiles, I’ll do that too. That’s the freedom our forefathers enshrined in the Constitution.

    I’m voting Democrat because our enemies on the battlefield deserve comfy hotel rooms, Pay-Per-View, prostitutes and all the benefits of American citizenship.

    I’m voting Democrat because we need to make the illegal immigrants feel more at home by learning to speak Spanish. I think we should hand them welcome brochures that detail where to get government services and free Ipods at the border too.

    I’m voting Democrat because having a picture of Jesus within 100 miles of me is offensive. Colored lights are offensive. Christmas trees are offensive. Hell, let’s just ban the whole holiday! Let’s put up lots of Ramadan decorations, more footbaths, more mosques and more Islam recruiting posters in our subways instead. Diversity is our strength.

    I’m voting Democrat because I care about the real victims of crime — criminals.

    I’m voting Democrat because I believe we need other countries’ permission for me to turn down my thermostat.

    I’m voting Democrat because I like the words “hope” and “change.” Also “kazoo.” That’s a funny word.

    I’m voting Democrat because disagreeing with a black man is racism.

    I’m voting Democrat because I believe that America’s founders were rich, white, greedy xenophobes, and that America’s founding principles are hogwash requiring periodic editing from an unelected group of liberal judges.

    I’m voting Democrat because I hate Bush. He caused 9-11, Katrina, and the nail I broke this morning.

    I’m voting Democrat because successful entrepreneurs either oppressed a minority or were lucky, and don’t deserve their financial success.

    I’m voting Democrat because I can’t get the new Iphone 3G yet, my new Hummer needs new tires already, and McDonald’s screwed up my lunch order. The economy is making life in the US a 3rd world country!

    I’m voting Democrat because I believe in minority rights (except in Muslim countries), free speech (with regard to pornography but not conservative talk radio), environmentalism (unless we’re talking about Al Gore’s house) and diplomacy (but never backed by the threat of military force).

    I’m voting Democrat because I want the world to know that I want a weak America just like Europe does.

    I’m voting Democrat because everyone deserves crappy healthcare. Sure, you’ll have to wait years for that life-saving cancer surgery. But it’s first come, first served at the cemetery!

    I’m voting democrat so I can roll over and die the next time some emo ass-clown with more prescription drugs than teeth in his body shoots up a public place. Because I can’t be trusted to personally own or carry a firearm. And I’m too unsafe to dare shooting back.

    I’m voting Democrat because the real cure for racism includes preferential policies based on race — particularly in presidential voting. If you believe that a black candidate ought to be qualified, as well as black, you’re worse than Bull Conner.

    If only the institution of far-left values resulted in a great country. Oh, well. That won’t stop me from voting Democrat, though. After all, I’m voting Democrat because thought isn’t one of my strong suits.

  4. LOL

    I just love this copy-and-paste stuff.

    (And to whoever wandered by and posted a link and nothing more – I’m not going to accept comments like that. It amounts to spamming).

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