“…no girls interested in Trek before this new movie”

I shit you not, my fair friends, someone has actually posted the line above.

I had a sarcastic response lined up, and then I thought, why bother? Why bother with someone who’s invested in the idea that Star Trek belongs to a noble subculture of dudely doodz whose responses to it are so much more profound than anything the silly ladies might think or feel? Why bother with someone who is outraged by the fact that the new film featured male babes as well as female ones, struck down by the possibility that “holy shit, they didn’t just have heterosexual males in mind when they made this”?

Although I encounter this thinking with some regularity, I can never be bothered to address it properly. This type of territoriality is amusing in bullfrogs and gorillas. In the human species, it just seems so… sad. Sad in a way that a kid crying over an overturned ice cream cone is sad.

You just want to go – “awww. Here’s a dollar. Buy yourself more ice cream, sweetie.” And tousle their hair a lil bit.

10 thoughts on ““…no girls interested in Trek before this new movie”

  1. I suppose even idiots are entitled to free speech. WOW I am huge fan of Star Trek since childhood however I do notice the ways in which sexism is an issue on the show. Having a lot of women is not the same as depicting women friendly characters. Of course having a vagina means we are unable to follow the pseudo science of the show and therefore we couldn’t possibly like it right? Each day I learn the real significance of the term oxygen thief as I come across some idiocy posted on the internet.

  2. You’re making this up. You’ll be telling me that there are women who like Tolkien next.

    Come on: don’t you feel just a little sorry for a lad whom every female Star Trek fan has avoided so studiously that he thinks they don’t exist? It sounds pretty tragic to me. Picture the scene: a couple of nice postgrads from MIT are discussing the theoretical possibility of warp-field extension into non-Euclidian space, then along comes cartoon boy and they fade into the background like the Tuatha De Danann. Truly the world is a cruel yet amusing place.

  3. Well, what’s really ODD about this is that women are a pretty big presence at all the cons. “Trekkies,” a fairly recent documentary, had a big female presence as well. Anyone remember the lady who went by Commander at work?

    Surely the guy has been exposed to the lady Trek fans in some form or another. Unless he’s so thrilled each time he encounters a woman that it’s just safer for him to think of her as a hallucination, lest he spontaneously self-combust.

    Women liking Tolkien on the other hand is pure rubbish! Everyone knows we don’t exist!

  4. I think this one might be a lost cause. I thought he was an angry fourteen-year-old, whose little sister was suddenly interested in *his* hobby and making it seem less special. I find from his blog that he’s 23, unemployed and still lists talking to girls as a summer ‘to do’ aim. That’s pathos right there.

    You may be right. Seeing an actual woman, particularly dressed in one of those close-fitting Star Fleet uniforms, could easily kill that chap. God alone knows what would happen if she actually spoke to him.

    You know, I’ve always said that if Lush did not exist it would become necessary to invent her. I wonder if the other people in the magic television are real.

  5. We’re the Entwives, Natalia! 😉 I suppose these boys never heard of the alleged reason why Spock was so popular among women.

  6. What parallel dimension is this idiot from? Dad got me hooked on Tolkien when I was 4 by reading the Hobbit to me. Then it was both my folks and us watching the syndicated re-runs of STTOS when I was a young kid, because they both enjoyed it in high-school, and it was a pervasive re-run! Then Star Wars — MAN that was awesome! I was also hooked on the STTOS movies, and an even bigger fangirl of STTNG — and my husband was just shaking his head in bewilderment (embarrasment?) at how geeked out I was when we went to the Star Trek Experience in Vegas. I was also a kid in a candy store with all 3 LOTR movies!!!

    This idiot must just be too damn socially backward to be brave enough to come out of his parents’ basement to the fandom cons….

  7. I guess he probably never saw Star Trek Voyager. Janeway was my role model, and I wanted Kim and Chakotay as hostages ^^

  8. I liked his conversations in sf_drama. A woman said he reminded her of an asshole ex she had, and he only asked “Why did you date him?”

    This is either performance art or, well, exactly what it appear to be.

  9. Oh my goodness, that sounds like some of Tolkien and Lewis’ most mistaken views on the female intelligence – and they’ve been long dead.

    I would guess that the majority of fan fiction for both sci fi and fantasy is written by females – which would make them fans who have to have at least a basic knowledge of the terrain.

    Let’s not encourage that guy to come out of his basement; he wouldn’t know what to do in the world out there!

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