Lively menstruation discussion on Feministe!


I’m one of those odd people who despised her period until she became sexually active. I’m not sure just how exactly my body chemistry changed back then, but periods went *poof* and became more bearable. Something I don’t even think about unless it’s my second day, which is the worst. Considering the amount of work I do at home, I am definitely thinking of buying a DivaCup now. Re-using things is always good.

I personally find it interesting when men in particular freak out over menstrual blood and ask you to “please don’t talk about it, PLEASE!” I think it goes back to those days when we were all living in caves and looking for lice in each other’s back hair, and men had to observe how a woman could just bleed for days and not die, whereas if they bled like that, they’d surely not survive, and it must have caused a great deal of confusion and weirdness and accusations of showing off.

7 thoughts on “Lively menstruation discussion on Feministe!

  1. Hahaha! The old adage of “never trust anything that can bleed for a week and not die”!

    We have something similar called The Mooncup (they always have delightfully quaint and innocuous titles), though I cannot be tempted. I imagine that I would faint with each (ahem) transfer… Argh.

  2. One of my particularly lost male friend asked me a while ago (this is when he was 19!) “Women actually BLEED during their period?? Like BLOOD?? Eewwwwwwww!!!” Apparently, he thought it’s just some “stuff”, never thought about what the “stuff” could be, and has not studied biology very well.

    He laughed at the “never trust anything that bleeds and doesn’t die” joke though. He’s weird. 🙂

  3. I liked the idea of menstrual art, but then again I love Andres Serrano (google him if you’re not familiar with is work, it’s very unique) so that kind of explains where my artistic tastes lie anyway – I’m definitely not a ‘Landscapes and Kittens’ type of Gal. :).

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