Bono, Bloody Bono

Thanks to Ed for the title of this post.

There was an “intervention” on behalf of Bono in regards to the destruction of the Khimki forest? Where is the evidence of this intervention?

Unless he comes out and says otherwise, he didn’t bring it up with Medvedev. According to at least Chirikova (a prominent defender of the Khimki forest), he actually didn’t make any promises regarding the issue.

Bono and his stupid glasses can waltz in to this country and then waltz back out again with no risk to himself or his career, express “regret” for failing to raise any actual issues with the president, and then try to make himself look cool by aligning with someone like Yury Shevchuk. I’m wildly impressed.

Shevchuk was badass enough to enter into an argument with Vladimir Putin, while Bono had a nice chat with Dmitry Medvedev. Yes, I understand, it was a gesture of goodwill on part of both Bono and Medvedev, I’m glad they enjoyed themselves, but there was nothing political or “intervention”-like about it,  so SPARE ME.

And I mean, I still like a lot of U2’s stuff. BUT SPARE ME ANYWAY.

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