Back at work full-time

It’s way hard – but I’m happy about it, because it brings the right sort of balance for a person such as myself. I get to work on the newspaper during the day, and come home to Lyovka at night, and I’m not overwhelmed by the minutae of home life – though neither do I have the chance to get overwhelmed by what we do at work. My brain just goes into “home mode” once I have Lyovka in my arms – and home mode is something I have struggled with before we had our son.

None of this stops random people from passing judgement – where would I be if it wasn’t for their sage opinions on everything from whether or not using an electrical breast pump is “wrong” to whether or not I’m a “real mother” at all now? Please, don’t hesitate to keep your superior wisdom to yourself, o Weird Dude In the Elevator Who Glimpsed My Breast Pump In a Paper Bag! I genuinely want to discuss the fact how I am a total freaking idiot – because the only thing that worked for your wife is a manual breast pump, and it’s “more natural that way.”


Lyovka, meanwhile, is amazing. He has my hair colour and forehead so far – but looks like his dad otherwise. When he gets upset and cries, he looks like a pumpkin. Or a tomato. We call him tykvochka and pomidorchik, then. “Uh oh, the pomidorchik is starting to grow.”

Our nanny is Ukrainian and knows all about borscht.

I’ve been busy working on a film treatment based on my new play at night – which works out great if Lyovka sleeps between night-time feeding sessions, and not so great if Lyovka doesn’t sleep between night-time feeding sessions.

The deadline is approaching, but there are always more deadlines in sight.

7 thoughts on “Back at work full-time

  1. This is lovely, I like the Russian words and that you call him a pumpkin or a tomato. I think it is great that you can have a nanny. Do you think you might publish a recipe for borscht?

  2. Newborns tend to look like their fathers – apparently it’s evolutionary mechanism – helps the father “recognize” the baby.

  3. Gah! My believe in this smart evolution trick is thus shaken 🙂

    By the way… judgemental people and things they say – hope you’re not letting it get to you.

  4. Congratulations on getting back to work, I’m sure both you and Lyovka** benefit from you having your ‘work’ and ‘home’ head-spaces :).

    As for the unsolicited comments, what’s Russian for ‘Bite Me, you interfering windbag’? 😛

    **My browser dictionary just tried to insist I call your lovely son ‘Layover’ – he now has his own entry in said dictionary ;).

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