Et tu, Duke Magazine?

They messaged me asking for my picture, I suggested they take one off my Facebook page. They used a picture of Russian actress Natalya Antonova instead. I mean, I get it, I’m the tired mother-of-a-toddler here, but still! I’m allowed to do cardio again! I’m taking iron supplements! *sob* Also, apparently I’m the deputy editor and the actingContinue reading “Et tu, Duke Magazine?”

A brief note on the Dyatlov Pass victims

Anna Arutunyan, my illustrious colleague, did a story this week on the Dyatlov Pass incident. The “incident” is really whatever it was that killed nine hikers on the appropriately named Mountain of the Dead in the Urals, in 1959. A new book has come out in Russia, and a new movie by Renny Harlin isContinue reading “A brief note on the Dyatlov Pass victims”

I hate these stupid paperbacks that utilize movie poster designs on the cover

But that was the only copy of “Cloud Atlas” to be had at the Munich airport. So I bought that embarrassing-looking book, and I read it on the plane to Dubai, the plane from Dubai, the plane to Turin, and the plane from Turin. And finished it on the plane back to Moscow. I doContinue reading “I hate these stupid paperbacks that utilize movie poster designs on the cover”

Maybe Elizabeth Wurtzel is not OK after all

Or maybe she’s just being consistent with her role as a “everyone’s favorite beautiful mess.” Really now. She thinks she’s bashing “slovenly” people (which is kind of silly in and of itself, unless said “people” are actually your brother, who just showed up to your black-tie wedding with beer-breath and flip-flops), but she’s just bashingContinue reading “Maybe Elizabeth Wurtzel is not OK after all”

Money quote from Russian sociologist Olga Kryshtanovskaya

“We can’t live according to the principle that ‘money decides everything.’ We tried. We are at a dead end now. We need lofty ideals.” From a new interview just published by Novaya Gazeta. In the interview, Kryshtanovskaya warns about a possible revolution – should enough members of the elite and enough poor people join Russia’sContinue reading “Money quote from Russian sociologist Olga Kryshtanovskaya”