The lieutenant in you

Growing older becomes repetitive. It would be great to break up the monotony of cells drying out like graying laundry on the line. But nature is its own government, recycling soldiers into pulp. Inviolate, the only thing less compromising being the phantom limb of conscience (oh God, don’t get me started on how that thingContinue reading “The lieutenant in you”

Anna Arutunyan does a liberal translation of Alexander Vvedensky

This is an excerpt from the “Guest on a Horse” poem: Sleek and simple was the stallion As transparent as a stream. Long of mare and hurried temper, Said that he would like some cream. “I’m the chairman of this meeting! Come to join you and parley. Teach me what to do, Creator!” God repliedContinue reading “Anna Arutunyan does a liberal translation of Alexander Vvedensky”

70 years ago

The first executions began at Babi Yar in Kiev, Ukraine. They began on September 27, to be exact. The first victims were patients at the local psychiatric hospital. They were murdered by Nazi occupiers together with local collaborators. Then the city’s Jewish population was taken there. They were told that they were being “resettled.” AndContinue reading “70 years ago”

Monday Music, for famous Seamus

Now, to pry into roots, to finger slime, To stare, big-eyed Narcissus, into some spring Is beneath all adult dignity. I rhyme To see myself, to set the darkness echoing. I don’t prattle on about Seamus Heaney nearly enough on this blog. I love Seamus Heaney. You know how much I love Seamus Heaney? IContinue reading “Monday Music, for famous Seamus”