The fact that anyone has to ‘defend’ the decision to knight Rushdie…

… Is ridiculous, at best. At worst, it’s disturbing and sad. And the fact that other British politicians are using this situation as an opportunity to score points by feigning deep concern for Britain’s relationship with Pakistan is to be expected. The hardliners in Pakistan will take any excuse to steer the mob. As aContinue reading “The fact that anyone has to ‘defend’ the decision to knight Rushdie…”

And the higher your GPA, the racier your panties!*

This is the reality of many women and girls who live in super-duper religious communities (and by “religious” I really mean “backward” – the two don’t necessarily have to go hand-in-hand, but spirituality is so complex that most people just take the easy way out, turning into drooling, intellectually stagnant fanatics). Like Aliana, I amContinue reading “And the higher your GPA, the racier your panties!*”


Sometimes the news is so embarrassing that you hardly want to acknowledge it. Although this should be acknowledged, because it’s a nice example of how totalitarianism works in Russia. With standards of life low, it’s easy to convince people to turn into a herd of bloodthirsty baboons. The baboons have to take their anger outContinue reading “Гниды”