Христос Воскрес!

Я в гроб сойду и в третий день восстану, И, как сплавляют по реке плоты, Ко мне на суд, как баржи каравана, Столетья поплывут из темноты – Борис Пастернак I will go down to the grave and on the third day rise, And, like rafts floated downriver, To my judgment, like barges in a caravan,Continue reading “Христос Воскрес!”

Shameless self-promotion: My take on the recent Wisconsin debacle

God, Diabetes, and Death in Wisconsin. In other news, is it time for me to trot out this whole “dude, my grandma, she of the frilly dresses and purple lipstick, is a better feminist than half the blogosphere combined?” Apparently. Either way, I have to thank Twisty Faster for allowing me to present my viewpointContinue reading “Shameless self-promotion: My take on the recent Wisconsin debacle”

Blog-stroll on Pokrov

Pokrov is an Eastern Orthodox religious holiday. It’s been a long time since I’ve spent Pokrov at home. I like it. It’s happy and low-key and very, very peaceful. Ali Eteraz is… being Ali Eteraz. And pissing off Yvonne Ridley. Ye-a. Pandagon’s latest book selection is Susan Faludi’s The Terror Dream. The dissection of theContinue reading “Blog-stroll on Pokrov”

To expand on something Umar Lee said

I have been, a number of times, propositioned by “conservative” Muslim men. The ones who, like Umar says: “date non-Muslim women strictly for sexual purposes, then go home to marry a good girl from the village” (read his whole post, it’s very interesting, as usual). In fact, a guy tried to grab me in theContinue reading “To expand on something Umar Lee said”