A friend just sent this to me

In my case, this link did not come with an explicit warning. Which was unfortunate, since spontaneous vomiting can do a lot of damage to a keyboard.

I really haven’t got anything witty to say about this one… yet.


It’s a hoax. Should have read the testimonials. They’re hilarious, in that creepy way.

14 thoughts on “A friend just sent this to me

  1. Oh. you know, someone else was talking about this; jury may still be out but the consensus seems to be that it is in fact a very deadpan gag, albeit a rather grim one.

  2. I hope it’s a joke… But like you said, just because they’re using a proxy site doesn’t mean this isn’t real, or, at the very least, an elaborate scam.

    And if it is a scam… The fact that people may have fallen for it is already kinda scary.

  3. Yeah — I read “marry your daughter” too. My first thought was that it was a service for pushy Jewish parents …

  4. It’s a fairly involved hoax… the FAQ page was a nice touch. But the best part is the three ‘more info’ links to “Bible Gateway”, the “Jehovah’s Witnesses Official Web Site” and Wiki’s “Bride Price” page… there are people who would see this site as an opportunity. I wonder what “Marry Our Daughter” is doing with the applications from dudes looking for a wife, or from the families looking to unload a daughter or three.

    I love the Google Ads in the sidebar.

  5. i think the idea that the rest of the world should just shut the f**k up, give in, and finally adopt the demonstrably superior culture of enlightenment that characterises the 21st century west is a good one. for one, it would obviate teenage marriages. my daughters are in their mid teens and there is NO WAY i would want them to marry for at least another 10-15 years.

    the 2nd/3rd/4th worlds have shown how inferior they are, culturally, socially, economically, technologically. hell, if i wasn’t from the 3rd world myself, i might even advocate bombing the (we) sumbitches all the way to hell. that’s why i make sure my kids only speak english (not the native crap my family speaks) and learn french (and hopefully spanish/german/italian soon).

    the 3rd world is a disaster whose time has run out. ditto fundamentalist christian/jewish/muslim communities. the future is now, and it includes the orgasmic joys of plasma tv’s, multifunctional pda’s which double as dildos, single parenting, mortgages for life, desiiiiiiiiiire. yes it’s true. the world would collapse economically (and hence socially) if we all stopped buying things.

    hence the appropriateness of the following as THE universal slogan for this century:
    Shop Till You Drop

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