Fuck Fashion

This model died whilst starving herself to gain acceptance by the likes of Anna Wintour. The incident was not widely publicized in the U.S., and I found out about it more than a month after it happened, through a Russian-language Live Journal community devoted to feminist issues. The fashion world thrives on its exclusivity. TheseContinue reading “Fuck Fashion”

The Blogger of the Baskervilles

I don’t read Althouse, because I value my brain cells. I had to pop over and have a look, though, when Ms. Althouse accused a prominent feminist blogger of… what exactly? Oh, of having breasts. As a feminist blogger who also happens to be a fan of nude painting I was, naturally, pissed off. OfContinue reading “The Blogger of the Baskervilles”

Sticky Stupids

Despite (or maybe because) of the financial turmoil and general aimlessness and desperation that have characterized these post-collegiate months, some days, I just have to fall down in hysterics. A woman in a speeding minivan nearly mowed me down in a parking lot today. As I watched her drive away, sans apology, I noticed aContinue reading “Sticky Stupids”

“…I’m very protective of my body. I do not want it violated or killed.”

An awful incident occured just a few minutes away from campus, in an apartment complex where I’ve often partied through the years, and where a lot of my friends have lived/are living. The story made me think about a sociology/criminology class I took the summer after my sophmore year at Duke. We focused mainly onContinue reading ““…I’m very protective of my body. I do not want it violated or killed.””