Fascism in disguise

I find it telling that the first commenter on a good abortion post over at Bitch Ph.D. immediately started blathering about “irresponsible pre-marital sex.” Honey, a lot of us womenfolk out there have extremely hot, extremely responsible pre-marital sex, and just because we don’t buy into your fundamentalist do-it-the-good-Christian-way-or-burn-in-hell crap doesn’t mean we ought toContinue reading “Fascism in disguise”

Live Flesh

Zuzu at Feministe noticed a perverse new article on Details, an occasionally homoerotic men’s rag, which includes a picture of the bottom half of a pig’s body, in heels, as an illustration to an article that supposedly praises “curvy” stars such as Gretchen Mol and Scarlett Johansson, among other things. Salon’s broadsheet is echoing Zuzu’sContinue reading “Live Flesh”

Veiled Wonder. It’s the stupidity, stupid.

This is the first in a series of posts I’d like to dedicate to my experiences with the veil. I don’t like people who, when greeted with the word “Islam,” immediately start spouting off about pedophilia and compulsory veiling. I want these folk to stop and think, maybe even read up on the Quran aContinue reading “Veiled Wonder. It’s the stupidity, stupid.”