Get Your Damn Priorities Straight

From Feministe. “Colombian Catholic Church Excommunicates All Involved in 11-year-old Rape Victim’s Abortion.” No word on whether or not they actually excommunicated the adult male rapist, although I doubt it. I have no problem with the excommunication per se, but that’s because I’d never consider converting to Catholicism in the first place. I wouldn’t wantContinue reading “Get Your Damn Priorities Straight”

The D-Word

The Happy Feminist’s recent post about the positive effects of divorce (someone in the comments even pointed out that no-fault divorce may have increased women’s physical well-being, diminishing suicide and abuse), has inspired me to pontificate (I love this word) on the way the spectre of divorce is being used by wingnuts and other assortedContinue reading “The D-Word”

Forbes Fudges It Up

There have been enough angry and clever responses to the distasteful Forbes article on the evils of marrying career women, responses I can’t even begin to compete with. I think Shakespeare’s Sister may have put it best when she wrote: “Were this article more honest, it might be titled instead “Don’t Marry a Career WomanContinue reading “Forbes Fudges It Up”

Slimy Sex-Tourists and I (…not a musical)

Once upon a time, in an Internet cafe in Kiev, in a nice neighbourhood by the metro station “Palats’ Ukraiina,” a middle-aged Englishman, unshaven and full of bile, was having problems. The cafe attendant, Slava, could not help, despite his pretty good English. Slava knew my mother, and, therefore, knew me and the fact thatContinue reading “Slimy Sex-Tourists and I (…not a musical)”

So… “Spouting Feminist Rhetoric While Carrying a Duke Diploma”

Fellow Duke feminists have reported verbal thrashings from the larger feminist community on the ongoing Duke Lacrosse debacle, confirming my suspicions that if you don’t toe the line, you’re hung out to dry faster than you can say “Pressler.” And that just ain’t right. Let’s put aside the team’s boorish behaviour, as well as theContinue reading “So… “Spouting Feminist Rhetoric While Carrying a Duke Diploma””