They way journalism should always be*

Here we have Spain’s captain, Iker Casillas, kissing his reporter girlfriend. You know, when Spain was stunned by Switzerland, a bunch of fans tried to blame HER for the loss, because she was in South Africa, reporting on the World Cup, and apparently her feminine wiles “distracted” Casillas into letting Spain score, right right right.Continue reading “They way journalism should always be*”

Monday music: the heaven in a wild flower edition

I am coming off a weekend. I also can’t get that one clever YouTube video to load for me, so just read whatever you want into the song titles. If U Seek Amy (GhettoHouse Remix) – Britney Spears Get Back (Rock Remix) – Ludacris Idumea – Sacred Harp Singers Lady Sings the Blues – BillieContinue reading “Monday music: the heaven in a wild flower edition”

Monday music: more supersonic sigh than silent sigh

Do you own clothes that, when you put them on, suddenly make you realize that “OH DEAR CHRIST, I was wearing THIS when [insert fateful event] happened”? I do. There is this tunic that I own – it’s very pretty, with a cowl neck, glittery and embroidered, and in the sort of grey-blue colour thatContinue reading “Monday music: more supersonic sigh than silent sigh”

Monday music, the “I really wish I wasn’t sick again” edition

What’s WRONG with me, and WHAT SUPERNATURAL ENTITY have I pissed off? Ahem. Jesus Doesn’t Want Me For a Sunbeam – Nirvana Heysatan – Sigur Ros Get Back – Ludacris Heaven Tonight – Hole The Last Thing On Your Mind – Lights Red Turned White – Architecture In Helsinki Baby’s In Black – the BeatlesContinue reading “Monday music, the “I really wish I wasn’t sick again” edition”

Monday music: abject writerly boredom

The traffic outside sounds like the sea. Also, the genius of Julian Barnes appears to be ruining my life, but more on that at a later date. Who The Fuck – P J Harvey Control – Poe Favorite Thing – the Replacements As If By Magic – La Roux The Bad Thing – Arctic MonkeysContinue reading “Monday music: abject writerly boredom”