The Germaine Greer Clown Car Pulls Into Town Once More

Contrary to all manner of vile rumour, I am perfectly capable of saying nice things about culture warrior and battle-hardened crusader against all things pink, otherwise known as Germaine Greer. I think she is an incredibly clever woman who expresses even the most insane opinions with tremendous flourish. I also think she’s damn fine; sayContinue reading “The Germaine Greer Clown Car Pulls Into Town Once More”

Fun Online Reading For You!

OK, so we’ve been busy improving the features on the Arab-themed magazine (improvements to the general-themed international magazine will soon follow), particularly as it relates to the browsing experience. So, for example, now you can read up on topics featuring Muslim women with all of the related articles grouped together nicely for your enjoyment. AnotherContinue reading “Fun Online Reading For You!”