My take on Boobquake

Is that yes, of course, it is exclusionary when it comes to women who prefer modest dress for whatever reason, or must wear modest dress regardless of what it is that they actually prefer. And yes, of course, it has little to do with the actual struggle for women’s rights in Iran. And yes, dudes’llContinue reading “My take on Boobquake”

“Not all tears are an evil”

I was sitting across from a famous man in a cafe, crying my eyes out into a napkin. The famous man slid his hand across the table and got a hold of mine. “How can I help?” He asked. “Talk to me, just talk to me,” I said. The waiter paused with my tea. PeopleContinue reading ““Not all tears are an evil””

Beauty is the path

I had a distressing conversation the other day. It went something like this: “Man. I am bummed. I was involved in an exciting project, and now it’s over. And there are, like, hurt feelings on both sides. Bummer. Man.” “Well, considering the fact that you use your looks to get involved in most exciting projects…”Continue reading “Beauty is the path”

Not “just sex.” Just life.

There is green grass growing outside my window in Kiev. There are new puppies in the street. This isn’t exactly an spring-themed post, but this is nagging me, therefore… A couple of people forwarded this post to me in the last few days, and I’ve been mulling it over. As I understand it, the gistContinue reading “Not “just sex.” Just life.”

Falling in and out of love while feminist

Jaclyn Friedman talking about fucking while feminist. Jill Filipovic talked about dating while feminist. I’m going to talk about falling in and out love while feminist. Of course, we’re all still talking about the same things, pretty much. I’m going to use the word “love,” and I am going to blame my mother. I draggedContinue reading “Falling in and out of love while feminist”