“New Wives For Old”: Older Men, Younger Women, and Cindy McCain

When I was a teenager, a couple of relatives cautioned me about marriage: “Never go for a younger man, or even a man your age. Go for the older ones, who have money and success and no energy to leave you.” This advice did not just materialize out of the ether: nearly all the womenContinue reading ““New Wives For Old”: Older Men, Younger Women, and Cindy McCain”

I has fringe and glasses! I can has Paglia’s love too?

The funniest thing about Camille Paglia singing “My Creepy Valentine” to Sarah Palin again, is Camille’s insistence that it was the evil Democrats who hunted poor Palin like a wolf from a helicopter (individual hunters are more respectful of the environment than the food industry, and they aid in conservation efforts when species overpopulation isContinue reading “I has fringe and glasses! I can has Paglia’s love too?”

Good Girls, Bad Girls – You Know We Have Our Share

So I went over to Nine Deuce’s blog a few days ago, and left a couple of comments, mainly because conversation threads that stray into “if you like sexual activity ‘a’, it means you have no self-respect” territory actually get me energetic enough to the point of want to commenting (all the radfem back-and-forth onContinue reading “Good Girls, Bad Girls – You Know We Have Our Share”

Paglia’s Crush, Palin; Paglia’s Ex, Feminism

Good ol’ Camille Paglia! That fearless contrarian, ready to make fellow liberals quake in their Birkenstocks at a moment’s notice! Well, maybe. I’ve yet to meet a single liberal who consistently takes Paglia seriously, but, you know, just because we’ve never seen the Loch Ness Monster doesn’t mean it’s not out there. Paglia trumpets herContinue reading “Paglia’s Crush, Palin; Paglia’s Ex, Feminism”

Sex, Immaturity, Britney, Bristol, and Good Old Americana

This post on The Interculturalists reminded me of the one thing that I’ll never get over in regards to the US of A: this tee-hee-omigod-wee-wees-and-hoo-haas attitude toward sex and procreation in our collective public discourse. Now, do I think that all French people couldn’t give a crap about Rachida Dati’s pregnancy (Rachida Dati is unmarried,Continue reading “Sex, Immaturity, Britney, Bristol, and Good Old Americana”