Monday Music: The Cream of Devonshire Edition

I am exhausted from the coolness that was heaped upon me in the last week. I am in thrall to the peculiarities of life and the importance of having friends who know just what kind of beer to order at a crucially emotional moment. Until I am able to sufficiently recover while in London, hereContinue reading “Monday Music: The Cream of Devonshire Edition”

Liverpool and Devon: The Pinnacle of Awesome

It has been so awesome around here, that I have completely forgotten to blog. Lost a pair of Vivienne Westwood sunglasses in a pub, but I had the excuse of having a smashing time, and perhaps it’s a small price to pay, in the end. Details and pictures – for all 2.5 of you mayContinue reading “Liverpool and Devon: The Pinnacle of Awesome”