CNN quotes Global Voices, honest opinions on South Ossetia abound

Somebody farking pinch me! I had to find this one via my friends in the Russian/Ukrainan LJ-sphere. I have to say that it is a damn good round-up of thoughts regarding Russia-George-South Ossetia. It’s also short and sweet. It’s great that it’s being featured on CNN.

I toast Global Voices with my instant coffee, and tip my hat and snap my garter in their general direction.

What moral authority do George W. Bush and Condoleeza Rice have?

Oh, that’s right, none whatsoever.

If I wanted to hear guidance and opinion on the Russia-Georgia debacle, I’d fish a mongrel cat out of the trash-bin and listen to its theories before I’d listen to these two. What does the President of the Republic of Burundi think about this situation? His opinion ought to matter more.

And so it is always with this world.

P.S. PLEASE folks, don’t e-mail me with things like, “but [Ukrainian president] Yuschenko is taking such a courageous stand against the Russians! Aren’t you proud?” I freaking LOATHE Yuschenko. He’s a privileged, pompous git who doesn’t even have enough sense to keep his smug-faced lout of a son out of the tabloids for an entire week. My fellow Ukrainians might not agree, but that’s my line, and I’m sticking to it.

Russia doesn’t want Nato on its doorstep. Georgia doesn’t want lawlessness.

Here’s a quote from the BBC this morning,

Arriving on the border on Saturday, Vladimir Putin declared it was unlikely now that South Ossetia would reintegrate with the rest of Georgia.

This is precisely the outcome Georgia was trying to avoid.

Does anyone reeeeally think that South Ossetia is going to reintegrate with Georgia after all of this? Or is the BBC banking on most of its readers being utter morons?

I have more on the Russia-Georgia conflict, and am hoping to publish accounts from Georgians as well. Please let me know if you want to contribute.