Out and about in the city

Pinchuk, unlike some of our other gazillionaires, is putting more money into art (as opposed to, say, a gold-plated jacuzzi for an underage mistress).

I loathe the self-important expat jackasses than hang out at O’Brien’s pub – but recent trips there have been free of the “do you speak English, luv” crowd, and anyway, the Premiership is on.

Nikita Mikhalkov (most people in the U.S. would recognize him as the director of “Burnt by the Sun”) has done an adaptation of “12 Angry Men,” calling it “12.” The plot involves the situation in Chechnya so… yeah.

2 thoughts on “Out and about in the city

  1. pryvit!! yey, you got to check out the show! I would be there every day except we escaped crazy Kyiv traffic to the western countryside for the week. Will call you up when back. Dying to hear about your last few months,

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