A few words from Bfp

Can be found here.

If you have no idea what’s going on or why I’m linking to this, please see here.

A few choice quotes:

I never said that I own the idea that gendered violence is the way to understand immigration…

…I never said that it’s important to recognize that I had the idea first… I don’t fucking want credit for anything outside of existing. (For those who care, what I really said: There’s a lot of women of color (and men of color!) who have talked about immigration. There’s a lot of women of color and men of color who have examined how sexualized violence has been the foremost result of the “strengthening” of borders. There’s been a lot of us who have insisted for a long time now that immigration is a feminist issue, goddamn it, get your head out of your ass.

There is no “feminist movement” because the work being done is not just conflicting with the work of other “sisters”—it’s directly negating it.

And so I withdraw myself from this “movement”.

And I reject and rebel at the label “feminist.”

I reject and rebel at the label “feminist” because I reject and rebel against silence and erasure.

… I do profoundly regret that in saying “woman of color” and/or “women of color” I contributed to the silencing of women of color within mainstream feminist movements and the work that they are doing within that movement. I am very sorry to those women who have expressed this idea.

There’s a lot to think about here. A lot that’s hard to swallow. But this is an essential read nonetheless.

Please read the post in its entirety.

“I will take my horses to water,
I’ll finish singing this verse;
If only for a moment longer –
I will stand on the edge.”

– Vladimir Visotsky (whose words, translated by moi, I find oddly appropriate at this moment)

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