Can I just say that “Little Big Planet’s” Russian section is pretty awesome?

Haven’t had much time to blog in the last couple of days (not because I’m, um, gaming – but because I am working, of course), but just wanted to take a moment to point out that I’m really enjoying the Tundra part of “Little Big Planet’s” storyline, so far. OK, it’s ridiculously difficult (this game is marketed to anyone over 7? This alone makes me feel like an idiot each time Boyfriend and I repeat a level), but it’s so wonderfully done.

The snowflakes, the missiles, the sled-dogs, the cute bear, the red stars among the green war-time decor,  and, above all else, the MUSIC – are sweet. I get easily cranky when playing a game and a Russian theme comes up, because it’s usually so tacky and ridiculous, but not here. I think my grandfather would have enjoyed this one tremendously and that’s a huge compliment.

One thought on “Can I just say that “Little Big Planet’s” Russian section is pretty awesome?

  1. Hey! I know its a little late to be commenting this but I bought Little Big Planet last year and didnt get a chance to play it till just recently and I have to say I shared the same enjoyment for the Tundra levels as well. If you still play little big planet hit me up sometime


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