Monday Music: The “terrifying self-awareness” Edition

I am tired. I am unpleasant. I have also recently turned into the sort of trollish person who glares at gorgeous couples kissing on the benches on a sunny day in Kiev, when even the miscreants in the park are toasting them with their rubbing alcohol bottles. There’s clearly something wrong. I am counting on music to resuscitate my personality. Or at least make it appear less zombielicious.

The Hounds of Love – Kate Bush
Dver’ v Leto (the Door to Summer) – Chizh & Co.
I Want to Be Free – the Monkees
Temporary- Ghosts
I Want to Break Free – Queen
Smile When You Kiss – Bombadil
Deathly – Aimee Mann
A Minor Incident – Badly Drawn Boy
There She Goes – the La’s
I Feel Fine – the Twelves

As Joe Sapien once put it, “my iPod gained some sort of terrifying self-awareness” – again. The Monkees and Queen have entered into an unholy union of some sort. Because of several incidents of the last few years, including a lot of moving, a new computer, and a blown external hard drive, a lot of my music was lost, and now I am slowly gaining it back again. I think the more I let it back into my life, the more unholy unions will be formed. Should be fun.

Because we’re making fun of my mental state, here is an appropriate video on the matter:

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