Quote of the Day – from Kai

“What I’m feeling, at this particular time, at this point in my life, is the familiar recognition that there’s no real home for me in this earthly sphere, only criss-crossed paths across the surface of this spinning planet. It’s often said that life is a journey; all of us are in transition, marching side-by-side from unknown into unknown. I do understand that folks sometimes experience a different feeling of home, of bodily belonging, of sitting still and satiated atop ancestral roots pushed deep into the earth. I’ve had moments, now and then, here and there, where the hunger and the restlessness and the winding road melt from my being and all that’s left is wholeness. Maybe that’s what we’re all after…”

Kai, while guest-blogging at Feministe.

You and me both, love. You and me both.

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