“Like a circus trip on mescaline”

That’s how I feel about the Moscow real estate market at the moment. And not just because of our personal issues – which are numerous, and involve my mother’s own contested property in the center of the city.

Meanwhile, our living arrangements are staying the same… for now… but there is a war between our new landlady, the daughter of the deceased elderly woman who was the owner of our flat, and the daughter’s father. Daughter says that dad is a violent alcoholic, and dad says that daughter is a scammer and he’ll be taking her to court.

I tend to take the daughter’s side – since her father had deliberately tried to cover up the fact that his wife had died. He wasn’t planning on telling us at all, even though she was the legal owner of the apartment. He just planned to keep quietly collecting the rent – even as our renting agreement would have become null and void.


Anyway, I ought to have a big real estate story coming out on Friday. If you want to read more delicious real estate horror stories – you will love it. I promise.

One thought on ““Like a circus trip on mescaline”

  1. The saga continues…I have no “feel” for how this is likely to go, where you are–maybe it depends on the judge? Hope things go well for you however it turns out.

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