Money and the (pregnant) ladies: song and dance

I fell for you jiving and I too you in Now all you’ve got to offer me is a drink of gin Why don’t you do right? Like some other men do Get out of here and get me some money, too Unlikes some other women I know, I have no problem admitting that IContinue reading “Money and the (pregnant) ladies: song and dance”

Yes, a fighter and NOT a mage

I have walked into D&D games and had some snarky asshole male gamer ask me where my chainmail bikini was, or give me shit for wanting to play a fighter rather than a cleric or a mage… Ren, Sexism in Gaming series I like drawn out, single-player RPGs with a bunch of side quests –Continue reading “Yes, a fighter and NOT a mage”

Sweet Lord, there is no such thing as an “illegitimate child”

Even a cursory glance at the coverage of the Schwarzenegger cheating-and-paternity scandal shows that WAY too many people still believe in the whole idea of “legitimate children” and “illegitimate children.” It goes beyond mere word-choice. The “illegtimate child” has an aura of embarrassment attached, at best. Oops, your parents messed up, and produced you! IfContinue reading “Sweet Lord, there is no such thing as an “illegitimate child””