LOST: though mixed with God and Nature thou ;)

So here’s a coincidence – LOST ran for 6 years, just the amount of time that I had wound up spending with the person I loved and, in a way, will always love. For most of the time I watched the show, I was pretty much sharing it – just like sketchy water in aContinue reading “LOST: though mixed with God and Nature thou ;)”

“Every day baby, I bleed blue”

Poet Sim Stafford and I were in high school together, and then we both went to the same university, and one time, during my freshman year, when I was having a moment, he said, “once a Dukie, always a Dukie.” He wasn’t talking about school spirit – he was saying that my life had changed,Continue reading ““Every day baby, I bleed blue””

For Kathryn Bigelow: Happy International Women’s Day

Bit of meta irony – but heaps of of praise as well. Seriously, I LOVE Kathryn Bigelow. She’s the only reason I even gave a crap about the Oscar this year. Well that, and, apparently, some homoerotic innuendo involving the ever-reliable Jeremy Renner. Mmmm. But screw men for a second (in every which way, darlings).Continue reading “For Kathryn Bigelow: Happy International Women’s Day”

I don’t care what you say, I won’t live in a world without Britney

People keep referring to her as “busted” these days, and I’m just like, WHAT? Give the woman a break. After two kids, a crappy divorce, and various colourful incidents, she’s way more interesting now than she ever was when my generation was in high school. I don’t even care that she lip-syncs, I enjoy herContinue reading “I don’t care what you say, I won’t live in a world without Britney”

Aw. You guys. Jeremy Renner liked Amman.

It’s odd for me to hear Letterman ask if Jordan was “foreboding.” I keep forgetting that many Americans view the Middle East as a generally horrifying place. It’s really unfortunate, particularly in the case of a country like Jordan, because it’s so beautiful. And yes, it was tough as hell on me, I didn’t likeContinue reading “Aw. You guys. Jeremy Renner liked Amman.”