Midsummer, 2013. I’m playing “The Last of Us”

I wrote this article about what it’s like to play “The Last of Us” the other day. It got me reminiscing. In the article, I make a passing reference to Russia in the 1990s, and how my friend said the same thing that I had been thinking for a while: some aspects of this most cerebralContinue reading “Midsummer, 2013. I’m playing “The Last of Us””

I’ve lived like they live in ‘On the road’

I’ve lived like they live in “On the road.” It’s fun, but the pain begins to add up after a while. You can’t take solace in people envying your freedom forever. Your teeth fall out because you clench them too many times. When you wreck your boots and go in to have them fixed, theContinue reading “I’ve lived like they live in ‘On the road’”

Nobody owes you love and explanations

I wrote this extremely personal post for Feministe this week – about what it’s like to deal with some of my husband’s more rabid fans. It’s not some huge problem most of the time – but there were a couple of episodes recently  that really got under my skin. In dealing with them, I realizedContinue reading “Nobody owes you love and explanations”

I’m a stereotypical yuppie parent

Despite being broke and living in the jungles of Novogireyevo. Lev and I listen to the Marriage of Figaro on Saturday mornings. At night, I can leave Lev with daddy and go trudging through the snow. The soldiers outside the barracks near the ponds still offer me their cigarettes. Nikolay Khomeriki still tells me allContinue reading “I’m a stereotypical yuppie parent”