Childbirth is not an abstraction. Why do I even need to point this out?

This refers to an interview I gave earlier – one that, I hope, won’t be published, because it was all kinds of whack. Let’s just say that it was for a Scandinavian publication that bills itself as women-oriented. The person who interviewed me is welcome to respond in the commenting section, but something tells meContinue reading “Childbirth is not an abstraction. Why do I even need to point this out?”

More real estate drama – this time in the Moscow region

A nightmare that dates back to 2004 – and refuses to go away. What I found truly shocking when speaking to people about this story was the fact that because of some kind of pissing contest between the local authorities and the construction company, residents couldn’t get ambulances to come out to their location. BecauseContinue reading “More real estate drama – this time in the Moscow region”

“Like a circus trip on mescaline”

That’s how I feel about the Moscow real estate market at the moment. And not just because of our personal issues – which are numerous, and involve my mother’s own contested property in the center of the city. Meanwhile, our living arrangements are staying the same… for now… but there is a war between ourContinue reading ““Like a circus trip on mescaline””

BREAKING: Crappy landlady continues being crappy

The thing about our landlady is that she’s one of those old school people who never evolved past the Soviet Union – and thinks she’s the shit because her husband (who, to be fair, is a nice old man) is a retired army colonel. And because they have a dacha. Or something like that. SheContinue reading “BREAKING: Crappy landlady continues being crappy”

Tom MacMaster: an even bigger jackass than previously thought?

If this is true (check the comments), then, uh, yeah. You know, having lived in Dubai and Amman, there’s not way I could even begin to speak with any authority as to what is going on in Syria, so maybe that’s why I’m so shocked as to how this guy appears to just calmly impersonateContinue reading “Tom MacMaster: an even bigger jackass than previously thought?”