Tom MacMaster: an even bigger jackass than previously thought?

If this is true (check the comments), then, uh, yeah.

You know, having lived in Dubai and Amman, there’s not way I could even begin to speak with any authority as to what is going on in Syria, so maybe that’s why I’m so shocked as to how this guy appears to just calmly impersonate Arab people for the sake of scoring a rhetorical point after being exposed to the entire world as a… God, I am even struggling for the proper words to describe his behaviour right now. I am way too much in awe of what is being displayed here. I may need to take a moment.

“I hope you get raped” – On living in the Middle East and being a “traitor to women.”

“Yeek-yeek, woop woop, Why you all in my ear? Talking a whole bunch of shit that I ain’t tryin to hear.” – Ludacris.

Logging in this afternoon, I found a particularly heartbreaking comment – more akin to a rant, actually – in the moderation queue to this post, which deals with some of my more recent experiences with sexual harassment in Amman, Jordan.

I won’t reproduce it here; I have my limits.

To summarize – what it said is that by moving to an Arab country, I have betrayed all women everywhere, that I deserve everything that happens to me, that I am disgusting for dating a “filthy” Arab, that women like me should be paraded through the streets as an “example.” The author concluded by expressing her wish that I get “dragged out of [my] house by [my] hair” and then “get raped.”

I went to the gym today, and spent some time on the treadmill wondering if I should even respond. What’s the point? You’re just feeding the beast, right?

Actually, I went to a sexual harassment focus group last night, and one of the things we talked about is how ignoring harassment doesn’t really make it go away. Considering that these sort of words have been flung at me before, I believe that by doing nothing, I am only giving the batshit accusers their validation. Continue reading ““I hope you get raped” – On living in the Middle East and being a “traitor to women.””