A brief note on the Dyatlov Pass victims

Anna Arutunyan, my illustrious colleague, did a story this week on the Dyatlov Pass incident. The “incident” is really whatever it was that killed nine hikers on the appropriately named Mountain of the Dead in the Urals, in 1959. A new book has come out in Russia, and a new movie by Renny Harlin isContinue reading “A brief note on the Dyatlov Pass victims”

2012 was a dreamless kind of year

Because I virtually never slept long enough to see a proper dream. Our film, “Katya, Vitya, Dima,” premiered in Istanbul and was shown at the Listapad Festival in Minsk. It’s now going to be included in an online festival organized by Novaya Gazeta, one of Russia’s most prominent independent newspapers. Alexey also worked as oneContinue reading “2012 was a dreamless kind of year”

It’s Christmas at Ground Zero

I miss having a proper home on Christmas. Although then again, I’m lucky to have what I have. It’s not that the mantra, “Some people have it way worse” works. It doesn’t. It’s just that life is unpredictable enough as it is – and in Russia, the membrane of delusion that’s supposed to separate youContinue reading “It’s Christmas at Ground Zero”

Check out Best of Russia 2012

I should just send a link to this annual photography contest every single time someone asks me, “So why live and work in Russia?” (And I’m not even a photographer) Here’s my top five from among this year’s winners, incidentally: “Forest” by Sergei Kosolapov, one of the winners in the Nature category. This was takenContinue reading “Check out Best of Russia 2012”