Comment gold: on Russia, “lousy women” and Darwin

I see no point in responding to some comments in the actual comment box. Some comments are so wonderful, they deserve to shine all on their own. This was a comment to a post about honor killings in Jordan, and how “traditionalism” in traditional society is a one-way street – i.e., men get to doContinue reading “Comment gold: on Russia, “lousy women” and Darwin”

Money quote from Russian sociologist Olga Kryshtanovskaya

“We can’t live according to the principle that ‘money decides everything.’ We tried. We are at a dead end now. We need lofty ideals.” From a new interview just published by Novaya Gazeta. In the interview, Kryshtanovskaya warns about a possible revolution – should enough members of the elite and enough poor people join Russia’sContinue reading “Money quote from Russian sociologist Olga Kryshtanovskaya”