Keep Istanbul weird

I’ve decided that I highly recommend seeing a strange city through the prism of something like a film festival when you first arrive. You can begin to contend with it then. It was because of the film festival that I didn’t find it strange when a beautiful woman drinking coffee from a disposable cup parkedContinue reading “Keep Istanbul weird”

Way down south

… From Kiev, that is – and Istanbul, as I always suspected, is just as glorious in May as Kiev is. It’s a different gloriousness – calmer, I think, less tragic (but tragedy is endemic to natives anyway – a foreign spring always feels gentler, it results in possibilities, as opposed to memories). Now IContinue reading “Way down south”

Tom MacMaster: an even bigger jackass than previously thought?

If this is true (check the comments), then, uh, yeah. You know, having lived in Dubai and Amman, there’s not way I could even begin to speak with any authority as to what is going on in Syria, so maybe that’s why I’m so shocked as to how this guy appears to just calmly impersonateContinue reading “Tom MacMaster: an even bigger jackass than previously thought?”

Jose Antonio Vargas

It is a DISGRACE that someone who was brought to the United States as a child, in complete ignorance of his illegal status, should have to suffer in the way that Jose Antonio Vargas has suffered. It was painful to read this piece, because immigration issues *always* leave me very nervous myself, and though I’veContinue reading “Jose Antonio Vargas”