George Tiller Murdered in Wichita

Oh yes, the pro-life crowd sure loves life. And they love irony so much they even killed the doctor as he was going to church.

WHEN are we going to start recognizing this brand of pro-forced-pregnancy fanaticism as DOMESTIC TERRORISM?

Because this is exactly what it is – and this tragedy in Kansas was waiting to happen for a while now.

Anyone who pops up here to defend forced pregnancy in any form is going to have the full force of my vitriol unleashed on them, so you have been warned.

ETA Please see Cara at Feministe for more.

ETA2 Forced pregnancy enthusiasts and whey-faced gits known as “Operation Rescue” are trying to wash their hands of Dr. Tiller’s murder. In the meantime, their sidebar calls him “America’s Doctor of Death.” Here is a nice screen capture for your viewing displeasure:

"Oh, but we don't condone /that/!" *giggle* *squeal*
"Oh, but we don't condone /that/!" *giggle* *squeal*

Abortion is Not the Issue

Looking over this discussion on The Hand Mirror – a discussion spawned by the Catholic Church’s genius handling of the issues surrounding the rape and impregnation of a nine-year-old Brazilian girl – I am once again struck by what a huge red herring this entire ZOMG ABORTION thing is.

Here’s a fact: abortion has always existed. It wasn’t particularly safe and it certainly wasn’t something you spoke about in mixed company, but the truth is – women have been choosing to end their pregnancies for thousands of years. For as long as it was done secretly, for as long as the sluts stood a good chance of bleeding to death – few people actually worried about the so-called moral implications of abortion.

Of course, the minute a rape victim or anyone else can have access to a safe abortion, it becomes an issue of BUT WHAT ABOUT THE INNOCENT BABY???

Like I said in the comments to the post I link to: if you really believe it’s a “baby,” then be consistent. Demand that not only abortion be outlawed, but that every “suspicious” miscarriage that didn’t have witnesses must involve a criminal investigation. If it’s really a sweet, innocent perfectly cognizant baby in there, the moral crusaders need to determine – did the potential mother trip, or did she deliberately jump off the staircase to murder the baby?

In fact, we ought to prevent pregnant mothers from doing anything at all that could possibly harm the sweet, innocent soul. They shouldn’t leave their houses. They shouldn’t even have conversations with anyone, lest they get into an argument about the merits of “America’s Next Top Model,” or something, and get really stressed out and miscarry and murder their own children due to their irresponsible behaviour.

Or, better yet, how about we just scoop women’s brains out altogether – and turn them into little hatchling factories for the precious babies?

Isn’t that what this is really about? The idea that some of the little ladies, far from fullfilling their duty as hollow objects so that the smart and intellectual and totally-not-insecure men could have something to project against, decided to officially and publicly assert dominion over their own wombs?

Nah. Abortion is not the issue. Misogyny is.

On Rape, Catholicism, and Priorities – AGAIN

Boy, why does this story look so familiar?

So those who helped secure an abortion for a NINE-YEAR-OLD are bad, evil people. Meanwhile, I haven’t exactly heard that the RAPIST of said nine-year-old has been excommunicated. I mean, why should he? He was just helping the little girl fullfill her duty as a human vessel! Sheesh, don’t be so hard on the wee wittle rapist.

My own Eastern Orthodox church is, sadly, no more intelligent on the subject. It’s one of the reasons I choose not to go to services, to be honest. These people who would force a rape victim give birth, whilst crowing about the “sanctity of life” (whose life? Certainly not the girl’s) no less – honestly? They just get off on the rape. They get off on forced impregnation. They get off on the idea of a female body as this kind of thing – this sinful, but delightfully pliant thing that can be twisted this way and that in their gnarly hands, and torn apart in a hundred different ways, for the “glory” of God, supposedly.

These people are sick. I pity them.

P.S. For more about this on Feministe – go here and here.

P.P.S. I’ve been thinking about this today, and I have to say – why not just hearken back to your roots and admit that you hate women? Just get back to your element. Don’t worry your pretty heads about making the hatred palatable anymore. No matter how many times you roll a turd in sugar – a turd remains a turd.

The Vajayjay, the Womb, the AIDS test, the Eternal Battle

In a last-minute dick move we may as well have expected from the Bush administration, newly introduced regulations mean that basically anyone can refuse a woman health services now, for as long as their decision is based on nebulous “beliefs.” As Jill points out over on Feministe, this is being framed as an abortion issue, but the fact is, that’s total crap. Legislation protecting medical professionals unwilling to perform abortion already exists.

The vague new regulations essentially mean that anything from receiving emergency contraception to getting rid of a dangerous ectopic pregnancy is now under threat.

Then again, for some of us, this issue is already pretty old. I remember that when I tried to obtain emergency contraception back in Charlotte, North Carolina, about 6 years ago, I was refused at two hospitals. At the first hospital, a nurse called me a “slut,” and at the second hospital, I was told that I needed to claim I was raped in order to get help.

I took my chances. I still remember the morning I went to meet an old teacher of mine for coffee over at a bookshop a few weeks later, and triumphantly announced, “I’m not pregnant!” The woman at the table next to us gave me a dirty look. I scowled right back. I was so happy. I wasn’t going to treat an unplanned pregnancy as anything other than an unplanned pregnancy. The possibility of it was not “joyful” to me, and I was not going to pretend otherwise.

I wonder where the dirty look woman is in the world today. I wonder about the nurse that called me a slut. I wonder why it was so damn important for these two individuals to show their disapproval, try to keep me in line, try to make me feel ashamed: I was not their daughter, I was not even the daughter of a friend. They didn’t know me.

Of course, what they did know is that there were certain roles that women were expected to fulfill – I bet neither one of them had ever asked for Plan B, or was publicly excited at the prospect of not being pregnant. Or, if they had, I bet they had a talk about it with a pastor or another person they trusted, and decided to repent. And who the hell was I, then? Did I think I was better than them, or something? Did I think I could change anything?

You know what I hate about being a woman? Continue reading “The Vajayjay, the Womb, the AIDS test, the Eternal Battle”

“What To Expect When You’re Aborting”

This is a good site. Of course, the author’s getting a ton of hate-mail already, so write her an e-mail and cheer her up. Don’t you just love it when “choose life” folks (the ones who talk about “loving” women and babies a whole lot) turn into raging Neanderthals the minute they come across a woman who *gasp* had an abortion and *double gasp* doesn’t don sackcloth and ashes? This proves their inherent sexism all over again: a woman who doesn’t treat a particular pregnancy as joyful is Satan incarnate, an unnatural aberration that must be humiliated and shouted down.

It all reminds me of a discussion in a women’s studies class back during my undergrad years at Duke, wherein most women raised their hands and said something like, “well, I would never have an abortion, but…” When I shrugged my shoulders and said: “You know what? If I were to get pregnant in my present circumstances, I’d definitely go for an abortion. It would be extremely harmful, both to me and the potential kid, to act otherwise,” a couple of mouths fell open in such precious wonder – not at my words, but rather at the fact that I chose to speak very plainly – that I had to think long and hard about the demonization of this practice even among those who support it.

It’s a private decision, to be sure – and as a person who really hopes to have kids, not one I would personally take lightly – but neither is it a dirty secret.

hat-tip to Screaming Lemur.