Women Against Sarah Palin

Beam me up, Scotty, ’cause I am there. Now, I find Sarah Palin interesting. I find her daring. I find her beautiful (almost as beautiful as Barack Obama, and, for a connoisseur such as myself, that’s saying a lot). But I am not going to vote for someone who wants to bring back back-alley abortionsContinue reading “Women Against Sarah Palin”

Yet another reason why I won’t be voting McCain/Palin

So McCain goes on Jim Quinn’s show, to court conservative votes. Who is Jim Quinn? Why, he is the guy who told a journalist to “get an American name.” Classy, huh? Now why would immigrants and the children of immigrants vote for this guy after that?

Bristol Palin and the Meaning of the Word “Choice”

I don’t know if Bristol Palin wanted to keep this pregnancy, though I hope that she did and that she does well for herself no matter what. I don’t want to speculate, but then again, half of the United States is celebrating her decision to keep the baby, so yes, it is being used asContinue reading “Bristol Palin and the Meaning of the Word “Choice””