Joe the Plumber’s address published – stay classy, internet!

Why do I, or Jill, even need to say that publishing his address is beyond uncool? The fact that the McCain campaign is using this man as a prop (much as they have done with Trig Palin), doesn’t excuse burrowing into his personal life in this manner. This goes for anyone, Republican or Democrat. TheContinue reading “Joe the Plumber’s address published – stay classy, internet!”

Lipstick and Lynch Mobs

… Is my take on the ungodly mess that the McCain campaign is right now. I don’t really write about U.S. politics for GlobalComment anymore, but this evil BS in the form of “kill him!” (in reference to Obama) and “sit down, boy!” (in reference to a black press member) and how it has goneContinue reading “Lipstick and Lynch Mobs”

Paglia’s Crush, Palin; Paglia’s Ex, Feminism

Good ol’ Camille Paglia! That fearless contrarian, ready to make fellow liberals quake in their Birkenstocks at a moment’s notice! Well, maybe. I’ve yet to meet a single liberal who consistently takes Paglia seriously, but, you know, just because we’ve never seen the Loch Ness Monster doesn’t mean it’s not out there. Paglia trumpets herContinue reading “Paglia’s Crush, Palin; Paglia’s Ex, Feminism”

First Addie Polk, Now the Rajarams

The thing about financial crises is that they destroy lives. If you think I’m exaggerating, look back at 1929. It wasn’t that long ago, especially when you think about it in terms of how young the United States of America is. When I was living in Durham, NC, having graduated, unable to find a reasonablyContinue reading “First Addie Polk, Now the Rajarams”

David Brooks Spoke on Sarah Palin and “Elitism,” and the Peasants Grabbed Their Pitchforks

How can anyone take David Brooks on Sarah Palin seriously? Parallel Sidewalk does a good job of fisking a particularly disastrous Palin eruption, and you should read. Now. I simply cannot let this pass: People who’ve never been in a Wal-Mart think [Sarah Palin] is parochial because she has never summered in Tuscany. – DavidContinue reading “David Brooks Spoke on Sarah Palin and “Elitism,” and the Peasants Grabbed Their Pitchforks”